Leaving to the Unknown

For the past few years my husband and I have been seriously exploring life abroad and how to make that happen. We were beginning to feel the grind. The grind of working full-time and raising kids. Spending time sucking gas fumes while commuting on I35 I knew there had to be something different. Fueled by caffeine and stress in order to keep up with not only the dang Joneses but all aspects of life was not the way I wanted to mother my kids. We are not unique, living in the burbs trying to make it all work I am sure is so familiar to most. There was no turning point or dramatic story that led us to securing passports and booking tickets. Our life was great, wonderful and who are we for wanting to change that? The problem for us lies in that in the boundaries of the burbs and Costco life stash of food in the pantry comes security. And what’s wrong with that, well nothing really, but its predictability. For my husband and I we thrive on unpredictability (him more than me) and a 30-year mortgage is not our dream at this time in life. I blame our prior travel experience and the fact that I have watched all 130+ episodes of House Hunters International as the primary base pouring gasoline on the fire.

Our dream was to move to Spain, where we met, but Visas in the EU are difficult to obtain. So we looked south as a warm climate and Spanish speaking country were on the top of the list. Colombia came out of nowhere but checked all the boxes. It had work opportunities, 3-6 month travel Visa, Spanish speaking, cheap cost of living and dreamy climates and terrain. So we pinky swore to make it happen and within about 4 months we had tickets in our hands. So here we are moving to not only a country I have never been to but a part of the world I have not crossed. Packing for the unknown is extremely hard but also quite simple. Speaking from someone who had a massive walk-in closet packed to the max you would think this would be impossible. But I have never felt so freed then tossing my clothes into trash bags. One white shirt, one pair of jeans, one jacket and so on. In the end we took 5 suitcases, 2 backpacks and my daughters suitcase. The thought that our life contents can fit into one picture it exhilarating. There we were just like my favorite family the Griswold’s heading out on an adventure with so much to see yet so much to mess up. There are more unknowns than there are knowns but the one thing I do know is I have the most important people by my side, which is all I need.